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All For Freedom Exhibition

I wanted to raise awareness and encourage discussion among people regarding the fact that sometimes we live in the shadows of our issues. We feel as though it's taboo to openly speak about things that affect our lives and the lives of those around us. To achieve this goal, I created and hosted the All For Freedom pop-up exhibition.

Three of the main illustrated areas of discussion were:

  • depression, suicide, self-harm

  • gang violence, imprisonment, re-entry of previously incarcerated persons

  • racial profiling, and gun violence against the Black community

These large format works were ink printed on 16" x 20" poster boards and placed on easels.

The 16 illustrated portraits were created to bring attention to human rights being for everyone. These portraits showcase a diverse group of people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds and lifestyles.  I illustrated every individual looking in the same direction. My intention was to say that we are able to have differences and still be united in action towards a freedom-focused world.

These portraits were 8" x 10" in dimension and ink-printed on photo paper, framed, and installed along the walls of the gallery space.

For this exhibition, I raised funds, started a marketing campaign, found and rented a gallery space, set up a POS system for potential buyers/patrons,  found volunteers for day-of-event assistance (setup, sales, appetizer serving, break down), all in one month's time. Above you will find a few photos of the space, and the talk I moderated to discuss the issues previously mentioned.

Software Used: Procreate, Adobe Photoshop

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